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As one of Brighton’s leading heavy haulage contractors, at Brighton Crane Hire we offer excellent road haulage transport solutions. We distribute steel, building materials and heavy plant goods across Brighton and Sussex.

Our East Sussex based HIAB haulage vehicles will collect and deliver your building materials or steel components to your building projects, even when working with extremely high maximum load weights.

Our HIAB haulage solution allows us to also handle the lifting and placement of your heavy materials as well as the road haulage element.

Brighton Crane Hire & Haulage’s excellent expert haulage staff are fully trained and insured to move your goods. With many years of experience in heavy haulage transport, our drivers excel at safe transport and timely delivery.

Our team of haulage professionals can often deal with your requests at short notice.

Call Daley Mills on 07808 840826 to discuss your needs and timescales.

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